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Would you believe that the Power of Positivity has been researched in over 300 scientific studies in POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY on over 275,000 people?

Yes, it’s true, positivity has the power to completely transform your life. If you’re even slightly interested in changing your life it is critical that you activate positivity daily.

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Positivity in the Workplace

Workplace stress cost businesses thousands of dollars per employee every year in sick leave, lowered productivity, turnover and health care. According to the World Health Organization, workplace stress is the #1 health problem with organisations losing profits due to a stressed out workforce. As much of the scientific research has proven that chronic stress causes heart disease, high blood pressure, flus and colds, migraines and headaches, obesity, and depression. Stress has also been proven to reduce teamwork and cooperation as well as reducing the ability to focus and maintain efficiency.

But you probably already know this….

So, you’ll be interested in knowing more about our 75-minute WORKPLACE SESSIONS in Positivity: 1. Laughter Yoga, and 2. Mindfulness.

75-Minute Workplace Sessions

75-minute LAUGHTER YOGA Workplace Training.

An upbeat, fun and memorable LAUGHTER YOGA session where we highlight the importance of increasing Positivity Vibes daily. Take-away techniques and a belly full of laughter these sessions are sure to increase communication and teamwork vibes as your staff will be talking about them for weeks.

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75-minute MINDFULNESS Workplace Training.

MINDFULNESS is an necessary foundation for effective communication, teamwork, resilience, and productivity. Mindfulness practices stipulates that you increase your awareness of what’s going on around you – in your life, in yourself, with others and with tasks to do – and in maintaining this awareness you broaden your mind and think outside the box to increase ease and efficiency.

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