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How to Activate Positivity for Better Living - book cover

How to Activate Positivity for Better Living

Activating positivity is guaranteed to improve your life!

It has been proven that when you activate positivity, to a higher ratio than negativity, your life flicks into a state of flourishing. This means amazing things will happen in your life!

Imagine what your life could be like with higher levels of energy, increased confidence and motivation, amazing insights and clarity, increased health and well-being, deep happiness and satisfaction and more!

In this book you’re going to discover 37 easy-to-use ways of activating positivity every day to reap the MANY VALUABLE rewards. Click here to purchase your copy today!


***Positivity Books!***


Get Jiggity with Positivity - book - Carmen WyldGet Jiggity with Positivity
will excite and motivate you to energise your life and business with dynamic positivity injections. Drawing on the latest insights from positivitypsychology and based on successful results, this instantly applicable book outlines the practical day-to-day changes you can make immediately for instant benefits. This upbeat and informative book reveals how to:

  • Use positive emotions to expand your thinking and doing.
  • Embed productive new habits.
  • Develop the power tools you need for a flowing work life balance.
  • Feel more engaged with increased confidence and motivation.
  • Change things that aren’t working to reach your target goal.
  • Activate positivity every day for overall health and well-being.



***Positivity Books!***