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Positivity for Better Living has a passion to inspire and empower people to ACTIVATE POSITIVITY to improve their health, well-being and lifestyle.

Would you believe that the Power of Positivity has been researched in over 300 scientific studies in POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY on over 275,000 people? Yes! And you can read more about this wonderful research in these BOOKS and in Barbara Fredrickson’s book called “Positivity” where she reveals how raising your positivity to a 3-to-1 ratio (compared to negativity) will positively change your life.
Yes, it’s true, positivity has the power to completely transform your life. If you’re even slightly interested in changing your life it is critical that you activate positivity daily.

What are the benefits?

Well, to be honest, if you activate positivity so it is a higher ratio than negativity there are many benefits – and these have been proven in scientific studies. (It’s not just me waffling on – there’s actual evidence!).Activate Positivity for Better Living

The main benefits are that positivity:

  • relieves stress and anxiety,
  • reduces pain,
  • lowers blood pressure and heart problems,
  • increases immune system functioning,
  • reduces colds and flus,
  • melts away muscle tension,
  • opens up the mind to new ideas and possibilities,
  • grows resilience,
  • boosts confidence and motivation,
  • raises energy levels,
  • improves sleep,
  • increases positive social interactions,
  • eliminates racial bias,
  • builds efficient and effective teams,
  • improves relationships,
  • and people high on positivity may even have a longer life.

Positivity is a natural way of being and it’s simply a choice whether you choose to activate it in your daily life, or not. It’s a choice whether you want to endure unpleasant emotions and experiences, or not.

Although at certain times it is necessary to merge oneself with the dark side of emotions. Escaping into mourning and grief, for instance, is a welcomed relief when saying farewell to a loved one. After all, it is better to recognise and acknowledge the truth of how you feel – and move through and process emotions – rather than deny or suppress them. All emotions are valuable and each one – whether unpleasant or pleasant – offers a delightfully authentic vibe to life.

However, remaining stuck in negativity is detrimental to your overall health, well-being and quality of life. Take a look at the list of positives, and now imagine those in reverse. Is it really worth it to live like that?

You might be thinking to yourself, “But I’m trapped in a negativity cycle!” While it’s true you have your own unique pattern for experiencing the world you’re definitely not stuck there. The negativity patterns and habits you currently hold can be changed to enrich your life.

When you were a child you received information from the world around you – from your parents, teachers, doctors, other family members, social media and so on. These social influences told you what to think, how to feel and behave. With this information you formed a template with which you experience the world.

Your template continues to dictate how you feel and behave. It becomes a familiar pattern with which you live your life. The template can change when you receive new information. For instance, your parents taught you how to choose foods. Their daily diet became familiar or habitual to you. As an adult you might receive new information about food and how it impacts on your health and well-being – and with this new information change what you eat.

The social influences taught you ways of living in the world and the template dictates this to you now – including:

  • what to think and how to feel when you are rejected by either a partner or job interview,
  • how you feel about exercise and your levels of motivation to get fit,
  •  what money and riches mean to you and how much you are allowed to have,
  • whether you are worthy enough to have a loving relationship,
  • your style of communication with others,
  • your levels of self-confidence and self-esteem,
  • whether you are happy and satisfied in life,
  • how you deal with anger,
  • how you accept or reject love,
  • whether you need to work hard for money or are allowed to follow your passion,
  • and – the list continues.

It’s becoming well-known that, if you continue to think and act the same way, no change in your life will occur. If you want to change the unpleasant experiences of your life you need to change the template – including your thoughts, feelings and core beliefs. I believe one of the important steps to do this is to Activate Positivity daily. You see, when you activate positivity your mind opens up to possibilities – giving you more choices and ways of living.

When you make a conscious choice to Activate Positivity you are dedicated to seeking ways of living a flourishing life.

Positivity is a blissful state of uplifting pleasant emotions that enrich your moments. It’s not just about thinking positive thoughts – it’s also about positive feelings.

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