How to Activate Positivity

You can choose to keep your positivity alive by activating a particular form suited to the moment. The higher the ratio of positivity to negativity you experience the more flowing and enriched your life will be.positivity for better living

The most amazing part of activating positivity is that the more you get Jiggity with Positivity the easier it becomes. AND, negativity such as stress, depression, worries or anxiety CANNOT exist where positivity reigns. That’s the neat part. Think about it – can you carry around chronic stress and feel peace and serenity too? NO. Can you remain in the fog of depression and feel amusement and joy at the same time? Nope. Once you activate positivity you’ll be feeling the JUICY GOODNESS of life.

Each juicy form of positivity offers their own unique reward. For instance, you might find yourself feeling frustrated with an overwhelming project you have at work. Rather than stewing and ruminating about the difficulty of the project you could Activate FASCINATION and INTEREST which will open up your mind to exploring the project from different angles giving you fresh ideas which propel you forward.

Another example of activating positivity is when you happen to experience a downward spiral into sadness or depression (a familiar pattern of negativity) is to Activate GRATITUDE by writing down or thinking about everything you are grateful for. Gratitude stops downward spirals immediately and whisks away the fog of the mind, giving you clarity and truth of the situation.

When you notice yourself feeling extreme pressure and stress Activate PEACE and SERENITY by spending time in nature, meditating or doing your favourite hobby (Do what makes you feel peaceful and at ease).

Activate PRIDE with even the tiniest achievement. Throughout social norms pride has often been associated with having a negative ego, however a healthy form of pride gives you an uplifting feeling to move forward. When you choose to be proud of your accomplishments you immediately give yourself an internal reward which contains a powerful vibe that has the ability to launch you forward towards your goals and dreams. When you honestly feel proud of what you do – you want to do more good things.

When you’re children ‘seem difficult’ – Activate LOVE and you’ll be rewarded with heartwarming experiences.

When you’re feeling any form of negativity – Activate AMUSEMENT and JOY with a deep 20 minute belly laughter and feel energised.

When you’re feeling doubtful about your future – Activate HOPE and with that activation you’ll feel yourself opening up to wondrous opportunities just around the corner.

Bring each form of POSITIVITY into your life and explore how they make you feel. Especially take note of the added bonuses you receive from them and how they expand your life. Keep your mind OPEN and SEEK new ideas for how to ACTIVATE POSITIVITY in your every moment.